Oil Eater - The Safe Alternative



Oil Eater  
Cleaner /Degreaser
is ultra concentrated, biodegradable, color safe, and USDA authorized.

We are introducing our new 'ORANGE CLEANER' by Oil Eater. The special ORANGE formula is highly concentrated to save you money. It cuts through grease, and oils quickly and easily. It is strong enough to clean commercial exhaust filters but gentle enough for your laundry. It works well on driveways, machinery, barbecues, tiles, walls, and laundry. It will out perform the general purpose cleaners found on the market, yet is safe to use indoors or outdoors without toxic odors or residues, and has a fresh ORANGE CLEAN sent. You can have this upgrade for just a few pennies more than our regular OIL EATER products.

All Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser products are water based, fresh-scented biodegradable cleaners that effectively replaces flammable or combustible solvent cleaners.  They contains no hazardous chlorinated/fluorinated solvents or acidic type chemicals.  Oil Eater's formulation safely accomplishes the cleaning that previously required solvent or acid cleaners and exposed the user and the environment to the inherent hazards of such chemicals.

The unique formula of non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, water softeners and other biodegradable ingredients cut through oily and greasy dirt, encapsulating the oil and dirt into a solution that can easily be rinsed away.

Oil Eater cleaner/Degreaser has been used successfully by the automotive, machine tool, metal fabricating, micro processing, packaging, professional fabric cleaning and many more industries for production as well as maintenance of their facilities.

1 Gallon
Bottle Orange Cleaner
Case of 4

Freight $20.00

55 Gallon Orange Cleaner


Freight 39.00







5 Gallon Pail

Original Formula




Freight $25.00

30 Gallon Drum
Original Formula


Freight $29.50

55 Gallon Drum
Original Formula



Freight $39.50



Important note:
If the delivery is to a home address (non business) add $5.00 per delivery for each sizes up through 5 gallon.
If you need a hydraulic lift gate to deliver the drums add $25.00. Freight truck can not deliver to resident address.


Foam Gun




while stock lasts

Freight 5.00


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Oil Eater - The Safe Alternative


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