A merican Grape Harvester

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The belts listed below will fit these machines as listed. Please note, some belts are the standard economy PVC belting like the OEM furnished and some are high quality RMV belts. The RMV belts are known to last 3 to 4 times longer than the economy PVC belts. All belt stock has been chosen to be compatibles with all known grape juice. All belts are supplied unlaced. We have found that the Alligator RS125SJ24/600SS belt lacing has served us very well through the years.

Because belt material is made with petroleum, it is effected by it price, therefore we recommend that you call for the current prices of the belts that you need.

Upright Domestic Harvester

All numbers are used for cross reference purposes to help you identify your needs.
These belts were manufactured for our distribution.

Pictures will be available soon D-14389 PVC Pickup belt Cleated belt 253.4" long
D-14389RMV Pickup belt Cleated RMV belt 253.4" long
  D-15652 PVC Transverse belt Curved cleated belt 100" long
D-15653RMV Transverse belt Curved cleated RMV belt
  D-15654 PVC Flight belt Curved cleat belt 373.5" long
D-15654RMV Flight belt Curved cleat RMV belt 373.5" long
  D-14911 PVC Cross over belt Smooth belt 253" long
D-14911RMV Cross over belt Smooth RMV belt 253" long
  D-14912 PVC Discharge belt Smooth belt 265" long
D-14912RMV Discharge belt Smooth RMV belt 265" long


Vectur Harvester



Spectrum Harvester


As time permitts us, we will add new parts to this web page. We have lots of parts, but only a little time to post them. Call us for your needs.




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